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Hermae is building the first platform for intelligent design systems.

We believe the future of product development will revolve around tools powered by design systems integrated with artificial intelligence. From engineering, to marketing, to design and sales, we believe when AI speaks the product language of an organization, new possibilities open up for offering incredible customer experiences. Our goal is to create the premier platform for training AI on custom design systems and to offer the compatible tools that will accelerate the next generation of businesses.

The Hermae adventure started in late 2023, when I was laid off by my previous company. While I was sad to leave, I saw this as an opportunity to build the design system software of my dreams. As a full-time design systems engineer, I knew how vital it was to have one in a fast-moving organization. I also saw that this was a perfect use-case for new generative artificial intelligence technology.

After many experiments, the world's first AI assistant for design systems was born.

The benefits were immediately tangible. By training artificial intelligence on your design system, you create a wealth of instantly-accessible knowledge for your engineers to use. We're seeing teams improve onboarding speeds, accelerate component adoption across their codebases, and better enable contractors to perform at their highest level with no barriers.

The next generation of product-building software is here, and we're happy to be building it.

Mike Carbone

Mike Carbone

Founder, CEO of Hermae

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